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If you need assistance with your insurance claims, we can help.Those things we don’t want to think about – storm damage, fire, vandalism – can happen at any time and always without warning. What’s even worse is that once the damage is done, then you’ll have the exhausting task of working out a claim with the insurance company. If you own property, then hopefully you also have roofing insurance coverage in case the worst happens, but it’s almost not worth the hassle of jumping through their hoops to get what’s rightfully yours.

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Now, with insurance claims assistance from Stillwater Roofing Ventures, you can avoid the headaches and stress that come along with filing your insurance claim on your own!

How we help

Most homeowners don’t file insurance claims very often, some of them only once in a lifetime if they’re lucky. So they rightfully have very limited knowledge of where to start and what to do to speed up the process, not to mention the things that you should never do if you will be filing an insurance claim in the near future.

If you have already contacted your insurance company and you don’t feel like you’ve gotten the attention you think you deserve, let Stillwater Roofing Ventures step in to review your claim and see if there’s anywhere we can smooth things over or figure out a way for you to get more money back to repair your damaged roof or totally replace it if that’s necessary.

Also, our insurance claims assistance is helpful for people who need a third party inspection – a second opinion, if you will. Sometimes the insurance company will send out an inspector of their own, but you definitely will want to have an inspection of your own done to make sure that what the roofing insurance coverage says you deserve is accurate.

What we can do for you

Of course, we can do an inspection for you to assess the amount of damage. An accurate inspection is key in getting the most out of your insurance claim. After a storm or after a limb falls on your roof, you’ll need to get the ball rolling quickly. Stillwater Roofing Ventures will get your inspection done as soon as possible and make it possible to get your insurance money back and begin the necessary repairs.

Even if your insurance company is easy to work with, you could still miss a step in the process and miss out on a part of your insurance claim or have it take a lot longer to get it in your mailbox. Our insurance claims assistance is designed to give you the help you need when tragedy strikes. If you want to give us permission to speak directly with your insurance company to speed up your claim, we can do that, too!

When you choose Stillwater Roofing Ventures, you get amazing service, and you’ll get the help that you need most – advice about the roofing options that are right for you and insurance claims assistance that is honest and reliable.

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