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best roofing service in Joplin and nearby citiesJoplin Roofing Ventures is your best choice for roofing services in Joplin and nearby cities. Our team is completely certified, insured, and bonded to give our customers the most protection possible. We have all the tools that it takes to provide our customers with reliable roofing service – both literally and figuratively!

We use top-of-the-line equipment and materials to ensure that every job is completed to our fullest potential. For us, a high company standard well above industry guidelines is our aim. When we put customers first and make it our #1 goal to give them amazing service each and every time, we know that they’ll become part of our loyal customer base and refer their friends and neighbors, too! Knowing that we give every customer the best service possible is an intrinsic reward that we value more than anything.

Every element of roofing is important, and we’ve made it our mission to excel in every area, including all of the following:



Our service is the most professional and reliable that you’ll find anywhere in the Joplin area. We can perform any type of roofing service for residential or commercial customers, all while their home or business is fully functional. The crews we send out to homes and businesses are always professional and courteous, and they strive to meet our company-wide standards for professionalism no matter how large or small the job is.


Joplin Roofing Ventures keeps our prices on all roofing services as affordable as possible. Whether you need roof leak repair or metal roofing installation, we invite you to compare our prices with other businesses in the area and see how we stack up. Also consider the amount of experience and expertise that you’ll be getting with our services, and you’ll be more than convinced that Joplin Roofing Ventures is best for your wallet and your roof!

Comprehensive Services

We offer everything you could ever need to care for your roof. A leaking roof is no problem for our team, but we can do simple roof inspections as well. Anything you need to have a beautiful, perfectly functioning roof is completely within our abilities. Keep reading for more information about our professional services.


Honesty in pricing and performance is something that we’ll always provide our customers. When you need insurance claim assistance, we can be there to help you through devastating times, and of course we will be at your service for general roofing service, roof repair, and in the event of an eventual roof replacement. You can trust that our team will always be truthful and give you the most accurate information and pricing we can.

Our services are extensive, and we’re equally talented in all areas, ensuring that each customer gets our very best! In each of the following areas, we can offer you many services that will perfectly suit your needs:

Residential Roofing

Residential roofing is something that Joplin homeowners shouldn’t have to look long and hard for. When Joplin Roofing Ventures is on the job, you won’t have to! Our neighbors all across the area depend on our reliable, local services when their residential roofs need repairs.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing should also be give due attention. It’s often very different from residential roofing, so you’ll need a team like Joplin Roofing Ventures that knows how to the special issues that must be addressed in commercial roofing. Often, it’s a completely different roofing system, such a type of flat roof, that will require specialized knowledge and specific tools to complete roof repair and roof replacement jobs.

Roof Repair

Every roof repair is a unique task. You’ll need to have your roof fully inspected by a team that knows what they’re looking for in order to diagnose issues and then address them accordingly. Joplin Roofing Ventures has handled thousands of roof repair jobs in the past, and we’re confident that we’re the best choice among the roofing companies you have access to.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement must be done after catastrophic damage or when your roof has come to the end of its expected life span. The knowledgeable team at Joplin Roofing Ventures can expertly tell you when it’s time to replace your roof depending on the type of roofing material that you have. Each type of roof has a different life expectancy, and we can tell you if a simple roof repair will do the trick or if a roof replacement is just around the corner.

Roof Inspection

When you need a roof inspection, we can get it done for you faster and more affordably than any other roofing contractor in the area. We do routine inspections for insurance purposes, inspections for anyone buying or selling a house, or after storms to assess the condition of the roof. Our inspections are done by professionals who can visually inspect your roof to find even small signs of damage or wear and tear.

Insurance Claims Assistance

If you have definitely had some damage to your roof, it’s time to call two places: your insurance company and Joplin Roofing Ventures for insurance claims assistance. We have specialists who have worked with practically every insurance company to get our customers their insurance money. When the idea of filing your insurance claim overwhelms you, call us and let us communicate with your insurance adjuster to get all the paperwork turned in promptly and keep the process going smoothly so that you can focus on more important things.

Joplin Roofing Ventures can handle roof leak repair, fascia replacement, new roof installation, and gutter cleaning – virtually any roofing service that can be done is on our comprehensive list. We have professionals with experience in all areas of roofing service, and they are ready and willing to share their expertise with you.

Whether you are a Joplin home or business owner, we can provide you with fast, accurate inspections and the services to follow them up so that when we’re finished, your roof will be in better shape than ever before.

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